Three important factors to consider for retirement

Published: Nov 28, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Retirement can be a welcome opportunity for many and yet a daunting mountain to climb. After all, the majority of one’s life is spent working and saving for this highly sought-after goal. Life seems to fly by and you arrive at retirement season in the blink of an eye. The final stage and tasks of retirement preparation can feel daunting. After all, one has to make sure all plans are in order to ensure a successful retirement without the need to keep working. Below I will discuss three factors to consider. This is not intended to list everything that goes into retirement planning. It is very important to visit with a financial planner to consider your unique situation!

Longevity (life-span) in your family tree is an important factor. Probability suggests that you will likely live as long as your parents and grandparents but it is a great idea to plan on living a few years longer. By carefully planning for your projected life-span, it helps ensure that you will not run out of money or be forced to reduce your standard of living later in retirement.

Learning how to maximize your Social Security is critical, along with calculating WHEN to draw on it. Again, consider your life-span. Generally, the longer you live, the better of an idea to delay drawing on Social Security becomes. Next, if you decide to delay drawing on Social Security for a few years after retirement, do you have enough savings to live on while waiting? Is that savings in the right vehicle to draw on; Taxable, Tax Deferred, Roth? I strongly suggest you discuss this point with your financial planner.

Another aspect to consider is your tax bracket. Could using specific retirement strategies aligned with your tax bracket now, help grow your wealth later? For example, you could convert or do a partial conversion over many years of tax-deferred savings into a Roth account. There are a few factors that could go into making sure this a wise decision, including how long you’ve had a Roth account, your projected life-span, tax-bracket and your current estate plan.

Making any one of these decisions should not be taken lightly as each has the potential to make a dramatic impact on your ability to enjoy your retirement. The goal is to have peace of mind and know that you will never have to go back to work.

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