What should I do if I lose my debit card?

Published: Mar 9, 2016 3:04:00 PM

We’ve all been there. You’ve probably already dumped out the entire contents of your wallet or purse, frantically searched the house, and tried to remember the last time you used your debit card- with no luck. What’s next?

At TS Bank, we know how important security is. Losing a debit card is stressful, however if you stay calm, act fast and follow these steps, you can protect your money, account and name.

1. Contact your Bank or Financial Institution.
Let your bank know that you believe your debit card to be missing or stolen and they can help you de-activate the card. Note: Specify your case. Are you 100 percent sure it’s gone, or could your card potentially be floating around your house? This will determine if the card account is put on temporary block or is permanently closed.

To contact The Bank of Tioga about a lost debit card.
701-664-3388 (business hours)
1-(800)-383-8000 (after hours)

2. Check your account transactions and report- right away.
Look at all of your previous transactions to make sure they are purchases you made. Note any and all questionable purchases, and report these to your financial institution. The quicker you report your issue, the better chance you have to reclaim your money.

3. Continue to check your balances
It can always happen again. Get into the habit of checking your debit card accounts online or by calling your financial institution, if possible. That way you can always keep an eye out for odd purchases or fraud.

What we recommend for the future: Check out Shazam Bolt! This app lets you freeze your debit card the moment you think it’s been stolen or lost. And in the same way, lets you activate it again. For more details about Shazam Bolt check out our recent blog post here.