Three Budgeting Red Flags

Published: May 08, 2019

When meeting with clients to discuss their finances, budgets usually get brought up. I’m often...

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Is It Better to Rent or Buy?

Published: September 12, 2018

To help you answer this question, we have found an online calculator that takes the most...

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Butcher vs Registered Dietician

Published: September 07, 2018

I am often posed the two following questions, “why TS Prosperity Group” and “what sets you apart...

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What documents do I need to gather when applying for a mortgage loan?

Published: June 07, 2018

We've created a checklist of documents to make sure you have available when beginning your new...

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Confusing World of Investments

Published: June 06, 2018

The world of investing in the market can often be a confusing place. Many times it comes at the...

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Shazam Falcon Fraud - Who are these people calling me?

Published: February 06, 2018

Have you ever wondered why very nice people who work for Shazam call you to confirm the validity...

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Take Control of Your Financial Destiny

Published: May 12, 2017

Bear with me while I tell you a story.Picture yourself in a busy grocery store. Every line is...

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What is an HSA?

Published: March 29, 2017

What is an HSA?You probably save for rainy days and retirement, but do you remember to save for...

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What is an IRA?

Published: March 16, 2017

What is an IRA?Whether your retirement goal is traveling the world, or staying close to home, an...

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How do I get the most out of my CD?

Published: March 01, 2017

How do I get the most out of my CD?CDs or ‘certificates of deposits’ have been around for years...

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